Our Suppliers

Since our goal is to offer products that are not only beneficial to health, educational, and novel on the given market, we cautiously appraise our list of suppliers. In addition to their uniqueness, all of the products offered are tested by the manufacturers, meet all applicable standards, and have all the certificates necessary for the European market.


Parklon is a Korean company that has been producing playmats of the highest quality for 20 years and has become the domestic market leader in its category. The company also expanded its business in America and Europe, where its products have become very popular and an integral part of families with children – thanks to their range of colour variations as well as mat properties like softness, safety, water-resistance, anti-slip treatment, non-toxic hypoallergenic material, and their excellent insulating ability.


BabyElephant Ears:  The “Baby Elephant Ears” company from the USA offers a product that we, again as the first and the only one so far, have brought to the domestic market.  It is an ergonomically-shaped pillow to support the head of a baby from birth. It’s necessary to support the head of your child, whether the baby is placed in a car seat, pram, cot, or elsewhere. The product has become a very popular article not only thanks to its wide range of colour variations, but also due to the natural hypoallergenic material of which it is made.


Pognae: Pognae is a Korean manufacturer of baby carriers. Our company offers one of its products as a novelty in our market. The world-renown and increasingly popular hip seat carrier is a product that does not pinch or strain your spine and pelvis when carrying your baby, while at the same time comfortably and stably holding your child. Moreover, the carrier is ergonomically designed so as to prevent pain and spinal disease, even when carrying your baby for longer periods of time. Pognae, a manufacturer of the hip seat carrier, not only takes into account its functionality, comfort, and ease of use for all occasions, but especially considers the health of both mother and child when the carrier is used


AJGJ: AJGJ is a Korean company that has sparked our interest in a unique product – a penguin urinal for little boy’s potty training, yet unknown in Europe. It helps you encourage your little one in a playful and natural way.